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English is not a tonal language but intonation and rhythm are critical to conveying meaning. To speak English properly it is necessay to use proper intonation. This has significant meaning for the English language learner. Reading, writing, listening and speaking are four differnent skills. Reading, writing, listening are good for developing comprehension and vocabulary but verbal communication is the most basic of communication skills.

I study and teach writing and verbal communication. These are two very differnt skills. Advanced writing involves attention to detail in word choice and grammar,editing and rewriting. Verbal communication has to be more fuild. In verbal communication pronouncing every word correctly leads to poor communication. Good pronunciation comes from stressing the right words. An important concept to understand is that intonation is different and more important than accent. In English the way words flow is important.

You need to be understood. The best practice is to listen me speak and then mimic what I say. This is excellent practice for verbal communication!

Memorize these three keys to better verbal communication:

1. Remember that non-stressed words and syllables are often "swallowed" in English.

2. Always focus on pronouncing stressed words well, non-stressed words can be glided over.

3. Don't focus on pronouncing each word. Focus on the stressed words in each sentence.

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Welcome to LuckyLingo!

Welcome students, teacher and friends:

My goal is to go beyond what you learn in school and ordinary English courses to provide you with in in-depth working knowledge of the way English is really spoken. English is not spoken the way it is read out of a book.

To speak English properly you need to use correct intonation. English is not a tonal language but intonation and rhythm are critical to conveying meaning. This has significant meaning for the English language learner. It is not enough to read and write. The most important thing is learning to speak and being able to understand English spoken by native speakers. You can do it!

To understand and to be understood you need to practice speech patterns. Listen to me speak and then mimic what I say. This is excellent practice for verbal communication! American English is not spoken word by word with slow and complete pronunciation of each word. American English flows like a stream with rhythm and intonation. Many words and phrases are run together to form sound units and patterns easily understood by native speakers.

Speaking English slowly and word for word actually makes your speech more difficult to understand. Americans are not used to hearing word by word pronunciation.

Here I will teach you to speak like an American. You will develop natural, normal speech patterns and quickly be able to understand typical American conversation. These lessons you will not find any where else. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to register now and learn to speak like an American today!


“LuckyLingo provides informative, and inspirational ideas that help the non-native English learner to perfect their ablity to communicate.”
– Sean Guberman, ESL English Teacher

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